General Interests

  • Combinatorics
  • Graph theory

I would like to begin a new research project with someone(s) in May 2022, so please feel free to reach out if interested (e-mail in CV) .

Particular Active Interests

  • Graph decomposition and partition problems
  • Refinement
  • Set system graphs and orderings
  • Structural properties of sequences
  • Modular arithmetic progressions

I am certain that I have yet to discover mathematics that will turn out to be of major interest to me. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have an interest in possibly working together but have different specific mathematical interests from the above or below.

Current Projects:

  • Erdős-deep families of Erdős-deep sets (with Peter Dukes)
  • Structure of Maximally even partitions (with Anthony Quas)

Curious about, have ideas on, but haven’t properly worked on yet:

  • Classification of Cayley subgraphs of Johnson graphs particularly for n = 12 (see “tonnetz systems” slides below)

Curious and want to explore, but know little about:

  • Graph decompositions
  • Representation theory in combinatorics
  • Discrete Geometry
  • Discrete Fourier transform
  • Set system reconfiguration
  • Polyhedra

Mathematical writing/slides on various topics

Fibonacci Graphs (what if everything was a Fibonacci number?)

Interval Permutation Segment Graphs

Tonnetz Systems