Harmony Reference Book (Coming Soon)

All Harmonies in 12-TET

A complete reference of all 12-TET chords and scales organized by interval evenness, this book presents all harmonic combinations from a simple and systematic dualist approach.

For the musician interested in exploring 12-TET harmony both intuitively and systematically.


This reference book offers a complete list of all chords and scales in 12-TET organized by interval evenness. To explore the rich variety of harmonies, you will need a book like this one to guide you as you expand your harmonic lexicon.

Every harmony has a distinctive character to it. But even the most experienced musician is adept with only a small fraction of the harmonies that exist in 12-TET. The minor triad, heptatonic major scale, and hexatonic whole tone scale are just three of over three hundred of all possible harmonies.

Using the mathematical music theory notion of interval evenness, along with a harmonic dualist perspective, this book provides composers with the context for exploring the complete range of harmonies of 12-TET music. This book can give you a reason to consider even the most unorthodox harmonies that would otherwise seem random, arbitrary, or disordered.

This book will be available in hardcover and coil-bound versions through Lulu.

It will also be available in softcover on Amazon

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