Harmony Reference Book

All Harmonies in 12-TET

The purpose of this book is to provide a context for every harmony, no matter how uncommon it may be in music today or any other day, so that musicians can more easily make use of any harmony.

All Harmonies is a comprehensive list of all possible chords and scales (together here called harmonies) that can be formed using the twelve pitch classes of twelve-tone equal temperament (12-TET). In particular, it provides a new systematic organization of the 12-TET harmonies according to features that are both musically relevant and unorthodox. The harmonies are listed in tables, beginning with 2-note harmonies and ending with the 10-note harmonies. Each harmony is presented on the treble staff, along with several of its features to provide the musician with a context for how to use it. Some of these features include: orientation, whether it is ascending or descending; evenness, how spread apart its pitch classes are within the octave; and stretch, how spread apart its pitch classes are around the circle of fifths. To provide further context for scales (harmonies with more than 4 pitch classes), a series of complementary triads is also included for each scale.

A main goal of this book is to encourage organized exploration, so each section begins with a summary table containing the harmonic interval patterns found in the section alongside blank space for note taking.

Release Date: August 13, 2021

NOW AVAILABLE in hardcover directly from the publisher at Lulu.com for under $59.99 CAD.

The book will also available in softcover through amazon, barnes and noble, and other large online book retailers shortly, however due to very high distribution costs, this version is more expensive (under $92 CAD) than the hardcover version through lulu.com. So, I highly recommend buying the hardcover version.

Technical Supplemental Document

As mentioned in the book and elsewhere, I am preparing a free downloadable technical supplemental document, which will be available here once finished. I unfortunately cannot work on this full time, but I expect it will be finished before 2023. Thanks for your patience!

Error Reporting

All Harmonies was a large project that took me about 3 years to complete, and while I was very diligent in checking the information in the tables multiple times, some errors no doubt made it into the final version. If you spot an error in the tables and are willing to report it, please go to the Errata Page [In development, thank you again for your patience].